Shit is guiding us through our lives

Turn on captions! Subtitles as text: What guides us in our daily lives. I’ve been thinking about this. In language there are many expressions. For example, god in…

10th December 2020

Glowing Person

a glowing person falling from the sky, leaving no traces, only memories. the sound of leaves rustling in the wind. ⁂ the other day, the day i came…

6th December 2020

Piano Impro: Sans Fac

MARX Live (s)Dream #1

We were invited to be in a MARX Live (s)Dream. MARXband on Facebook.   Recited in the stream: もっともっと自分を磨かなあかん症候群

3rd December 2020

Oj dans! with ~BOSQ~

music by: ~BOSQ~ (Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook)

30th November 2020

on simplicity

we’re on a planet. the planet is revolving around the sun. or, at other times, the planet is revolving around us. what is meant by “planet” is our…

24th November 2020

Being trans and_or nonbinary

being trans and_or nonbinary is a very ordinary thing. being trans and_or nonbinary is a very peculiar thing. it’s like being a parallel universe that actualises itself from…

21st October 2020


is the day of no advent. is the day of amelioration. is the day of the day. does not have a flower bouquet. is not red. does not…

15th October 2020


i witnessed an airborne person. this is my output.

26th August 2020

blinkyblinky poi spinning

filmed by togagawa (river) in kobe.

16th May 2020