is there any better way to fly
to fly out of this, out of here
out of the world, eyes wide open
graciously, jumping into the water
from high above
forgetting everything
or not
or not
or not
in the end it’s a light breeze
nothing more
and nothing less
a light breeze through the air
leaving no trace
only memory repeating.

is the last we need.
is the last we need.

when the tide is high
the water rises up reaching my chin.
it’s water made of thought and reflections.
i’m drowning. i can’t beathe.
suffocation is nigh.
let’s end it here.
let’s not endure it any longer.

any step is a step in the wrong direction,
except the step into gravity’s emptiness.
sorrow ends, adrenaline begins.
benignly falling, inapt performance
the light hits the tunnel violently
shattering to pieces
unable to act, unable to move in any direction.
just gone.

nowhere is the beginning of the end.
death is inevitable once born.
once formed and shaped
once molded and reconfigured
there’s no escape
there’s no lamentations
there’s no choice

it’s your choice
that emits light and darkness
there’s no difference in reality
pointing to the difference
between birth and death
is futile
for there is none
in reality

such curiosity
such entanglement
such wildness
such impulsiveness
amidst a tsunami of thought
complex realities
form a pattern
invisible to language
invisible to the eye
distances form unity
and peace
and chaos

prisms reflecting each other
in tenthousandfold beauty
of meaninglessness
make the skies look like
a dark shadow of oneself
who i could have been
who did i want to be
only if i had had
unless this and that
provided such and such
reflections of the past
constant comparisons to the present
what-if-realities crossing
funneling deep down there
erupting in questionable experience
that is lived and unlived
that is fallen and caught
that cannot be oneself ever again
such lies
such tragedy
such immensely unborn thoughts
airborne for a second or two
weightlessly, calmly
following one another
physical principles
doing their job
as they always do
leaving deep holes
that have always been there
for that matter
it’s over
who’d have thought that i’d win
that i could switch the radio off
the constant gibberish babbling
consumption of an idea called death
unaware that it’s me who’s being consumed
eaten up, shredded to pieces
i want this i want that
i’m here but i want to be there
now i’m there but i don’t want to be at all

out of my mind
out of this world
into the void
never again
or so i hope
what were you thinking
were you thinking at all
unwilling to
finally moving
with eyes wide open
embracing liberation
welcomed by the concrete
sound of waves
not moving yet free
resting soullessly
merely a body
soul scattered around
sorry for this
sorry for that
i didn’t want it to end this way
i wanted it to end precisely this way
exactly this

life continues
nothing happened
absolutely nothing
it’s over and ongoing
unbearably noisy silence
neatly packed inside bags of skin
each for oneself
each on one’s own
acting spontanously
out of compassion
no sign of delusion
we’re here and the time is now
shedding off disturbances
that arise naturally
all in one body
called universe
or god
or life
or death
or kümmel
unwilling to accept that disturbances exist
because what merit do we have
when we only stare at the yang of things
ignoring the yin of thing

the game carries on
carries the emotions
forming crystal
clear perceptions
of what it means to be
inside and outside
in a still stream of events
where no events exist
in reality the emptiness
is me
experiencing where there’s nothing
to experience
perceiving where there’s nothing
to perceive
nullifying itself at its fullest
at its peak
and vanishing in delightful light
all at the same time: