being trans and_or nonbinary is a very ordinary thing. being trans and_or nonbinary is a very peculiar thing. it’s like being a parallel universe that actualises itself from a fundamental point of realisation. realisation here means “being trans and_or nonbinary.”

when different time axes meet for the first time, this is the point in time, in the only time there is, when both the present and the past and the future transform themselves into a gender-being. “being a gender” just arrives on its own and by itself. it is not precursored by not-yet-arriving. “being a gender” is both a continuous, one-dimensional line and a point of realisation that conditions the continuous, one-dimensional line.

“being born as a specific gender in a specific body” is the view of ordinary people. but in fact, it only becomes ordinary when viewed as “being trans and_or nonbinary.” when not viewed as such, it cannot be ordinary. in cannot be viewed as anything at all, because without any point of reference for viewing “being born as a specific gender in a specific body” as ordinary, there is no such thing. it is not the case that, when such a realisation has not yet arrived, you can say that there is not yet such as view. it is only when realisation of being trans and_or nonbinary occurs that its ordinariness or peculiarity is actualised.

when you were born, you were born as a person in a person’s body. nobody has ever had any doubt about this. as such, “being born as a person in a person’s body” transcends both the ordinary and the peculiar. being born as a person in a person’s body is not at all anything that is out of the ordinary, nor is it anything that is out of the peculiar. as such, it is beyond any characteristics.

the moment you learned that you were trans, you realised at the same time that you were not cis. your non-cisness defines your transness, and vice versa. but without the moment of realisation, you would be beyond transness and cisness. realising that you are trans actualises your cisness. you used to be cis, and now you’re trans. without your cisness actualised, your transness would not actualise itself.

at the moment of realisation of transness, transness streches over mountains, valleys and cups of tea. everything that is you is your transness. your past cisness is also transness; your present non-cisness is also transness. having your birth certificate change is also transness. the moment of having your birth certificate changed acts as manifesting transness and brings forth cisness. cisness arises in the present as something that is past, and this is why “change your birth certificate” arises.

with “change your birth certificate” actualised, you thoroughly manifest “being born as a specific gender in a specific body”. the fundamental point is that you are a specific gender, regardless. your being a specific gender manifests through past, future and present. there is no cause to it, because it has always been that way and it will always be that way; thus, this is what it is now at this present moment. as soon as “it has always been this way” is realised, the need to change your birth certificate first arises, because now your past “it has always been this way” has been falsified.

your birth certificate is a superposition of both being cis and being trans, as well as neither being cis nor being trans. realisation brings forth the pivotal moment of being both cis and trans at the point of birth. with realisation not-yet-actualised, you are neither cis nor trans. with realisation actualised, being trans is manifested together with being cis. note that, although “being cis” and “being trans” occur in sequence, the one is not the cause of the other. it is rather that actualising “being trans” is the cause of not-being-cis-anymore. hence, “being cis” and “being trans” occur simultaneously, in interdependence. this is what is meant by “being nonbinary.”

“being nonbinary” does not mean to reject binary distinctions. after all, “being nonbinary” only arises with “being binary” at hand. this needs to be considered when talking about “being nonbinary.” nonbinariness does not occur on its own, nor does it occur with binariness as its cause. binariness here means “being the one or the other.”

“being nonbinary” means:
“being both the one and the other”
“being neither the one nor the other”

“being both binary and nonbinary” and
“being neither binary nor nonbinary” is also just “being nonbinary.” changing your birth certificate, passport and gender marker are all manifestations of “being nonbinary.” realising that “being born as a specific gender in a specific body” is possible, is also a manifestation of “being nonbinary”, since “being born as a specific gender in a specific body” does not arise without realisation.

“being nonbinary” seeps through every gap where there is none. once you realise this, being-nonbinary has neither beginning nor end, but occurs right here. “being nonbinary” does not obstruct “being trans” or “being a person” or “change your birth certificate” or “being a gender”; nor is “being nonbinary” obstructed by them. they no not exist side by side, but are thoroughly separate from one another. do not think that the one is the cause for the other. it is only when both being-binary and being-nonbinary is thoroughly realised that true being-nonbinary is actualised.

observe that cisness does not flow into transness. at no point does cissness become transness. when “being trans” is actualised, all cissness is actualised within it, because nothing exists outside of “being trans”. hence, nonbinariness does not originate at the intersection of cisness and transness, because such an intersection is at no point given.

“being born as a person” is not the cause of you being a person. likewise, “being born as a specific gender in a specific body” is not the cause of “having a gender.” these are unrelated issues. do not confuse them. do not create any parallel universes in your mind. when you actualise “being trans”, you thoroughly act inside of “being trans.” acting occurs within transness, but acting is not transness. cisness and “having a gender and a cup of tea” also occur within transness, but are not transness.

this being so, both the ordinary and the peculiar are being attained within “being trans and_or nonbinary”. it stands for itself, exists for itself and is complete in and on itself. just like “being born with a specific gender in a specific body” manifests itself without anybody adding or taking away anything, so does “being cis” or “being nonbinary” or “creating parallel universes” stand completely on themselves. investigate, whether there is a the point in time when “being cis” began.

a person who is neither nonbinary nor trans nor cis is called a person. the reason for this is that they are just that: a person. what particular conditions need to be fulfilled in order for the person to be a person, is irrelevant to the person being a person. a person does not need to be either cis or trans, binary or nonbinary, human or non-human, a cup-of-tea or a non-cup-of-tea. regardless whether a zillion worlds crumble and reappear, or whether the person should fall down seven times and get up an eighth time, or whether they go to hell and stay there for an unforseeable future, the person is thouroughly a person.

realisation is not something that lies ahead, nor is it something that we can deem as already happened. it occurs now, at this moment, on its own and together with all its interwoven entanglements. this is what is meant by “being trans and_or nonbinary.”

the style of this text is influenced the The Time-Being by Eihei Dōgen (Wikipedia article), as translated by Dan Welch and Kazuaki Tanahashi. the featured image is the nonbinary gender symbol available at Wikimedia Commons.