we’re on a planet. the planet is revolving around the sun. or, at other times, the planet is revolving around us. what is meant by “planet” is our environment which we cannot leave. a group of fish decides to build a landcraft in order to explore the depths of the land. they explore and satisfy their hunger for exploration and they return to their environment.

it is like this with thought. thoughts wander hither and thither. i wander through thoughts hither and thither. thoughts that appear to be outside the mind are reachable only when they, too, are mind. hither and thither walks with and sees mind. the mind is the ocean and the land, and exploration is thought.

the planet does not possess a predefined structure, when it’s the environment. the environment is, per se, structure on its own. when the sun stands completely still and a planet revolves around it, this is called predefined structure. the planet does not think about left, right, up or down. the planet is not attempting to navigate its way around the sun. it is revolving without a way and without a mind. when things are this clear and simple as in a planet revolving around the sun, all entanglements are lost.

thus, a person stands up and answers the phone. hello. they cannot leave the phone. the phone cannot leave them. they are entangled, like fish are entangled with land exploration. a land-suited locomotive submarine filled with water from the ocean. every hello world is at the same time a bye-bye, every entanglement is at the same time a disentanglement. environments are entangled. we see, feel, move through the environment like a fox running through the woods. the woods are what everything is flowing through. a person is flowing through the phone, exploring the entanglements of a hello.

when neither planet nor environment exists, nothing is pre-structured, nothing exists. this thought exists within the flowing mind ocean. this idea is the precursor of exploration. the fox is outside the woods. the outside of the woods are everything but the woods. exploration happens in relation to the woods. existing outside the woods, the ocean, the planet is not impossible, and it is utterly beyond reach. reaching_for is an activity of the mind. even if the planet existed outside its orbit around the sun, the planet would not arise as such. the environment picks up the phone, hello, and tells the lost planet to go left and right. their dialogue is juxtaposed. both left and right are beyond reach. without sufficient coverage, there’s nothing to relate to.

environment is neither a parent nor a child. it is a manifestation beyond mind. nothing exists beyond the mind, so the environment must be us. mindlessly leaving the environment with a vehicle called thought, travelling faster than light to distant places and being placed right back where one started, this itself is the environment. hither and thither is the unchanging movement of the thought planet.

The featured image is an artist’s impression. It is available here on the website of the European Southern Observatory.