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What guides us in our daily lives. I’ve been thinking about this. In language there are many expressions. For example, god in Christianity or the dharma in Buddhism. But when verbalised, it becomes somewhat mystified and ungraspable. I think it’s somethings more mundane.

Speaking about being guided. I moved out of my flat in Berlin. I painted it white, cleaned it, said bye-bye and felt incredibly relieved. I didn’t need this flat at all. I had been subletting it for 2 years. I was thinking about what to do, when they decide to move out. When they moved out, I cancelled the contract. Now I’m without a flat. I’m not registered in any region. For the authorities, I don’t exist. Not being registered, I get no mail from the authorities. No gas or electricity bills. Cancelling the flat contract felt so relieving.

My work contract ends soon. I’ll receive my last pay check this month. I haven’t given much thought to what to do next. I do have ideas, but the moment I grasp the idea, I become dead serious and I think about how to achieve this idea or goal. What strategies, what steps are needed. And I analyse in order to achieve good results in the future. This is what is called a “problem”. When there are no goals, no country I want to live in, carrer steps, at all, then “problems” don’t exist. It’s a very simple causal relationship, but now I feel it for the first time how simple it is.

All the problems I used to have turn out to be something I have been creating on my own. As long as I don’t fill my live with goals, nothing comes out of it either. No goals, no problems. Doing-Nothing, doesn’t mean just lying around. In a taoist sense, it corresponds to Non-Action or “Wu-Wei [無為]”. It is translated as “don’t force it”. Doing-nothing can feel very nonsensical. But when one feels like taking a dump, the dump will take place on it’s own. This is non-action. It would be pointless to force the shit out, when one doesn’t feel like it. Similarly, one will naturally earn money when needed, no need to save it up, no need to think deeply. One will eventually act, because it’s inevitable.

We distinguish between necessities and luxury items. One is absolutely necessary, the other one isn’t. Luxury items, well, you don’t need them. If you have money, go ahead. TV, internet and smart phones are certainly necessities these days. But when completely honest, nobody *actually* needs them. Smart phones, TV and internet have been developed for problem solving. Cars, too, are part of problem solving. People wanted something faster, something more comfortable, so there would be less problems. In order to solve these problems, many people have used their brains, analysed, planned and produced cars. But actually, cars are not needed at all. Basically, all that counts is:
eating, peeing, pooping, sleeping, and you’re good. Also, breathing of course.
All of this is accomplished by non-action, naturally One does not need to force it, so this is non-action. One is not actively contributing to these things.

In Japanese there’s the word “shizen [自然]”. English has “by itself”, but there’s no good counterpart. “Shizen” is often translated as “natural” or “nature”. But nature means forest and animals, which is separate from humans.
Human and nature are thought of as opposing. Humans are not thought of as being part of nature. “Shizen” is more like “you poop when you poop”. Or rather, poop happens all by itself, even if one doesn’t do anything. It’s almost as if poop had its own will. I don’t need to have a desire for things to happen. Things just happen.

In that sense, the past, present, and future are similar concepts. For example, planning to go to the woods tomorrow and remembering that yesterday one went to the woods, are similar operations of the mind. Relating to the past, one regrets having done this and that, relating to the future, one worries about problems, their solutions and the uncertainty of life. These are similar activities in that one’s misery is projected into them. As for the past, I focus on my stupidity for certain choices. As for the future, I emphasise the impossibility of things and obstacles. The boss being a dick, not having money.

It’s our daily struggle to be in a pinch between all the things we’d like to do and the impossibility of us getting there. Is what I think. These are problems. We need to solve them. This kind of struggle. When you leave this battle aside, when you stop forcing things that are impossible, problems just disappear and the only message you’re left with is simply “when you want to poop, it will happen naturally”. This is how we are being guided, that is, shit is like a god. Things happen by non-action. This is my idea of god. It’s not anything mystical or something you need to pray to, but something very mundane. Not even mundane, perhaps vulgar. It’s shit! Is how I’m thinking. Ok, I talked about how we’re being guided through our lives. It’s shit. Bye.