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Glowing Person

a glowing person falling from the sky, leaving no traces, only memories. the sound of leaves rustling in the wind. ⁂ the other day, the day i came…

6th December 2020

Piano Impro: Sans Fac

Oj dans! with ~BOSQ~

music by: ~BOSQ~ (Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook)

30th November 2020

blinkyblinky poi spinning

filmed by togagawa (river) in kobe.

16th May 2020

poi in the twilight of nada


14th May 2020

[pianoimpro] o pona e mi!

o pona e mi! means do me good! or help me! in toki pona. inner desperation screaming “help me!”. everything stands still.

4th March 2020


do i have the poi or am i the poi

easy but deeply deeply existential question.

13th December 2019

[piano] vögelzwitch