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Shit is guiding us through our lives

Turn on captions! Subtitles as text: What guides us in our daily lives. I’ve been thinking about this. In language there are many expressions. For example, god in…

10th December 2020

MARX Live (s)Dream #1

We were invited to be in a MARX Live (s)Dream. MARXband on Facebook.   Recited in the stream: もっともっと自分を磨かなあかん症候群

3rd December 2020

on simplicity

we’re on a planet. the planet is revolving around the sun. or, at other times, the planet is revolving around us. what is meant by “planet” is our…

24th November 2020

Being trans and_or nonbinary

being trans and_or nonbinary is a very ordinary thing. being trans and_or nonbinary is a very peculiar thing. it’s like being a parallel universe that actualises itself from…

21st October 2020


is the day of no advent. is the day of amelioration. is the day of the day. does not have a flower bouquet. is not red. does not…

15th October 2020


i witnessed an airborne person. this is my output.

26th August 2020

full moon running by

  full moon on 7 may 2020 and close to full moon on 8 may 2020. recorded with gopro camera set on time lapse video (1 pic/0.5s, resulting…

11th May 2020

night view time lapse

the meaning of mist

what’s the meaning of life? what’s the meaning of the mist that we move around in all day, that’s buzzing in our heads that we slam against imaginary…

27th April 2020

mio prepares dinner in 2 minutes

time lapse cooking show!

16th April 2020