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mio prepares dinner in 2 minutes

time lapse cooking show!

16th April 2020

[pianoimpro] o pona e mi!

o pona e mi! means do me good! or help me! in toki pona. inner desperation screaming “help me!”. everything stands still.

4th March 2020

self-bullshitting by turning away in silence

hi, name’s mio_blaue_version. i’m a little nasty sufferer. i prefer having a beef with people and pushing them away in my mind and beyond. welcome to this little…

7th February 2020


do i have the poi or am i the poi

easy but deeply deeply existential question.

13th December 2019

this blog is multilingual

spü is a multilingual blog. the website checks the language preferences in your browser and sets the language accordingly. the contents are different from language to language. here…

26th November 2019

[piano] vögelzwitch

[flute impro] flauta einnþorpi

the truth about linguistics

this article is dedicated to the analysis of what the heck is wrong with linguistics as an academic discipline. it’s an emotional rant about things that i feel,…

3rd November 2019